Configuration of route server at AS397806

BGP sessions default configuration

Route server general behaviours

Default filtering policy

NEXT_HOP attribute

AS_PATH attribute

IRRDBs prefix/origin ASN enforcement

RPKI BGP Prefix Origin Validation


Max-pref limit

Min/max prefix length

Rejected prefixes

Graceful BGP session shutdown

Announcement control via BGP communities

Function Standard Extended Large
Do not announce to any client 0:65534 rt:0:65534 397806:0:0
Announce to peer, even if tagged with the previous community 65534:peer_as rt:65534:peer_as 397806:1:peer_as
Do not announce to peer 0:peer_as rt:0:peer_as 397806:0:peer_as
Prepend the announcing ASN once to peer 65511:peer_as rt:65511:peer_as 397806:101:peer_as
Prepend the announcing ASN twice to peer 65512:peer_as rt:65512:peer_as 397806:102:peer_as
Prepend the announcing ASN thrice to peer 65513:peer_as rt:65513:peer_as 397806:103:peer_as
Prepend the announcing ASN once to any 65501:65534 rt:65501:65534 397806:101:0
Prepend the announcing ASN twice to any 65502:65534 rt:65502:65534 397806:102:0
Prepend the announcing ASN thrice to any 65503:65534 rt:65503:65534 397806:103:0
Add NO_EXPORT to peer 65281:peer_as rt:65281:peer_as 397806:65281:peer_as
Add NO_ADVERTISE to peer 65282:peer_as rt:65282:peer_as 397806:65282:peer_as

Reject reasons

ID Reason
0 Generic code: the route must be treated as rejected
11 Prefix is in client blacklist
10 IPv6 prefix not in global unicast space
13 Invalid prefix length
12 Prefix not in IRRDB AS-SETs
15 Never via route-servers ASN in AS_PATH
1 Invalid AS_PATH length
3 Prefix is in global blacklist
2 Prefix is bogon
5 Invalid NEXT_HOP
4 Invalid AFI
7 Invalid ASN in AS_PATH
6 Invalid left-most ASN
9 Origin ASN not in IRRDB AS-SETs
8 Transit-free ASN in AS_PATH
65535 Unknown